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Cá betta là cá gì? Đặc điểm, cách nuôi, cách ép và giá cá

Betta fish (Siamese fish) is a purebred fish of Thailand, with colorful colors with flexible spreading tails, good growth, so it is loved by many people. Let’s learn about Betta fish with KHBVPTR below.

Characteristics of Betta . fish

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Betta fish, also known by other names such as Siamese fish, siamese fish, has the scientific name Betta Splendens, belongs to the family Belontiidae. Betta is a purebred fish originating from Thailand, Cambodia and Malay countries.

Betta is a carnivorous fish, mainly plankton, larvae or larvae, so it is often seen in rice fields, ponds or slow-moving water. That’s why Betta is easy to raise, can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

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Betta is a small ornamental fish with colorful colors, usually 6 – 8 cm in adult size and can live for 7 – 10 years. Betta fish have a relatively small head, lower jaw longer than upper jaw, slightly protruding eyes.

The body of the fish is small, the back is slightly hunched and around the back to the belly is covered with a soft, shiny layer. The special thing of the Betta is that it has a rather long tail, which is diverse in style and color.

A distinctive feature of Betta fish compared to other aquarium fish is that it has a special respiratory organ called the labyrinth, this respiratory organ helps the fish to breathe air directly from the water surface. Helps fish survive even in tight and low oxygen habitats.

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Betta ornamental fish spawn in the form of laying eggs or mating (squeezing or wrapping the female), each time pressing will produce from 10 to 40 eggs. And after about 30-40 days, the eggs will hatch and the male fish will take care of the fry after about 2 days, then separate the young.

Betta is a very aggressive fish, in the natural environment they often chase their fellows away, they often intimidate their opponents by spreading their tails.

Today’s beautiful Betta fish

Betta is a line of fish with diverse shapes and colors, with a wide, flexible tail. And based on the shape and size of the tail, there are the following main lines of Betta:

Betta Halfmoon (Betta Koi fish)

Halfmon is the most beautiful Betta in the world with a 180° caudal fin opening, which is very difficult to breed even if the parents are 100% purebred. Therefore, Halfmoon is the most valuable fish of all types.

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In fact, Betta fish are classified based on the opening of the caudal fin, 90 – 120° called Delta, bred in 1959. 120 – 190° called Super Delta fish, bred in 1979 and up to 1987 successfully bred Betta Halfmoon (half moon).

Dragon Betta

Dragon Betta fish, scientifically known as Betta Dragon, is native to Southeast Asia. Betta dragon has many different colors: red, white, yellow, dark gray, … with beautiful colorful fins. Normally, a standard dragon Betta has a uniform body, fins, and scales.

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Betta Crowntail

Crowntail (Kingtail Betta) discovered in 1997 in western Indonesia, has a crowned caudal fin. And Crowntail has 3 types: Single Crowntail, Double Crowntail and Double Double Crowntail.

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Thai Betta

Thai Betta fish (Siamese Betta fish) is a line of fish originating from Bolivia and Chile, usually with the darkest color, fish body length from 5-8cm. Thai Betta fish come in a variety of colors due to crossbreeding and may vary from the original varieties.

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Betta Doubletail

Doubletail is considered a type of Halfmoon with 2 separate caudal fins, one stacked on top of the other, short and solid body. Betta Doubletail has a long anal fin and back, so it is popular with many people.

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Betta Plakat (fighter)

Plakat is the most popular strain of Betta today, popular in the rice fields in Thailand hundreds of years ago. Betta Plakat fish includes 4 types: Channa Striata Bloch (snake head with long body), Anabas Testudineus (short head with fat body), Chitala Ornata (long body with curved mouth) and hybrid Plakat:

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  • Channa Striata Bloch (long body snake head): has a long body, mixed colors between red, green and blue. This fish has an aggressive temperament and sharp teeth.
  • Anabas Testudineus (short head, fat body): has a fat body, short head. Most are solid colors like blue, green or red. The scale is very thick, so the gas is punctured. However, this fish has a slow fighting style, so it is loved by few people.
  • Chitala Ornata (long body with curved mouth): is a lineage with a slender, well-proportioned body and long anal fin.
  • Plakat hybrid: This is a line bred from wild Betta fish with the above lines.

Betta Dumbo

Betta Dumbo or “whale ear fish” is a prominent Betta fish with flags located on the sides used for swimming. Besides that. The fins and tail are long, flexible, with many prominent colors. That’s why Betta Dumbo is loved by many people.

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Betta Wildtype

Wildtype is the most beautiful line of Betta, usually living on the island of Borneo in Malaysia. Wildtype fish have a maximum size of about 5cm.

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How to raise Be fishsimple tta at home

Although it is a fish that can grow in a tight or harsh environment of nature, in order to have a beautiful Betta aquarium, you need to note the following:

What do Betta fish eat?

In the natural environment, living in fields, ponds, and lakes, Betta’s food is crustaceans, invertebrates or other aquatic insects. That’s why when you keep Betta fish in a bottle or tank, you can create an environment that closely resembles their natural habitat.

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Or you can also buy foods for Betta fish: pellets, bloodworms, salted shrimp, etc. to ensure the growth of the fish.

Besides, you should only feed the fish twice a day, limit over-fertilizing because the excess of food will pollute the water source and affect the health of the fish.

Farming pond

The standard aquarium needs to reach a temperature of 24 – 30 degrees Celsius and a pH of 7 – 7.5. To ensure the fish can grow and develop, you should change the water every 2 weeks. Note that when changing the water, you should only change 2/3 of the water, keep the remaining 1/3 of the water so that the fish is not shocked with the new environment.

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In addition, depending on the number of fish and the area of ​​​​the aquarium, you should change the water regularly, limiting the pollution or lack of oxygen that affects the health of the fish. Note that when changing the water, it is necessary to keep 30-50% of the old water so that the fish will not be shocked by the pH difference too much.

And when building a Betta fish farm or aquarium, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The tank should be placed in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.
  • Because it is an aggressive and aggressive fish, you should not keep too many fish in the same tank.
  • The aquarium should not be placed in a dark, poorly ventilated place, causing the fish to lack oxygen, and stress can easily lead to tail biting.

How to press Betta fish at home

Squeezing is considered a special method of reproduction of Betta fish that helps bring economic efficiency and high number of seed. To do this you need to follow the steps below:

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  • Prepare: You need to prepare a place to press the fish with a tray or plastic bowl with a capacity of 15-20 liters. Small pebbles can be used to create a place for the female to hide after pressing.
  • Select fingerlings and put them in the pressing tank: Breeds should choose healthy ones with a lifespan of 1-2 years. Put the male fish into the tank for about 5-7 days, when the male fish releases a lot of foam, start releasing the female fish. The male will swarm and nibble the female’s fins after a few times and eggs will appear
  • Remove female fish after spawning: After the female stops laying, she will take it out to a separate tank to avoid the case of the female swallowing the eggs.
  • Wait for the eggs to hatch and remove the male fish: About 2-3 days, the eggs will hatch, the male will constantly replace the broken bubble because the fry cling to the honeycomb. After a few days when the fry have grown, you should separate the male from the small fish so that they can continue to grow.

How to take care of female Betta fish

Besides squeezing fish, to ensure the number of fry is created, you should take care of the female to create good conditions. Here’s how to take care of female Betta fish at home that you can refer to:

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  • Breeding space: This is a very important factor, you should keep the fish in as large a space as possible. Pots and tanks with sizes from 40 x 30 (length x width) can be used.
  • Food: Since it is a carnivore, you should feed Betta cheek fish, worms, etc. to ensure nutrition.
  • How to care: Choose female fish and put them in the nutrient space, the water level should be from 12-15cm, then every 3 days, put a big worm in the tank to give the fish more nutrients.

You can change the water for the fish when there are signs of contamination and wait for about 3 weeks, the fish will give a lot of eggs.

Common diseases of Betta fish

Despite the ability to grow and develop well, you need to pay attention to some diseases in Betta fish below:

Betta fish refuse to eat

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When your Betta fish refuse to eat, the cause may be due to change in feeding time, unsafe food, fish stress or fish constipation due to parasite infection. To treat this disease, you should feed the fish fully, on time and use antibiotics to add fertilizer.

Betta fish bites its own tail

The main reason is that the fish is stressed when being isolated for too long or placing the fish in a small, dimly lit environment that also causes the Betta to bite its tail. To handle, you should pay attention to isolating fish, limit placing with many other types of fish, and keep the aquarium always bright and soft.

If the fish has bitten its tail, you should keep the fish in very clean water, you can regularly use Melafix to help the fish’s wounds heal quickly and prevent fungal and other bacterial infections.

Betta fish with open gills

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Fish with open gills, long-term appearance of white fluid like pus in the open area is caused by single-celled individuals. If there is no timely treatment, the fish can die after about 5-7 days. To handle it, you should separate the sick animals and then use high-dose antibiotics to cure the disease.

Betta fish is pale

When keeping Betta fish for a long time, you will see that the fish scales are pale, which is caused by infrequent water changes or weather changes. For treatment, you should change the water regularly, keep the water temperature at a stable level. At the same time, you should ensure a food source for the fish.

Cheap, reputable place to sell Betta fish

Where to buy Betta fish cheap, quality? Let’s find out with us below.

Shop Pigs

  • Website: https://shopheo.com/

With 5 years of operation in the business of selling Betta fish, Shop Heo is an address that you cannot ignore. With a variety of beautiful and latest fish lines such as: Betta fighting fish, black dragon Betta fish, … with extremely affordable prices.

Shop Pig is always committed to healthy fish, beautiful color and not sick when delivered to customers, so you can rest assured. In addition, when shopping at Shop Heo, you also receive gifts such as: fish food, dechlorinated water, female fish, … and extremely convenient delivery and ordering service.


  • Website: http://bettasales.net/

If you are looking for a place to sell Betta fish in Ho Chi Minh City, Bettasale is the address that you should not miss. With a variety of fish: Dragon Betta, Koi Betta, Fancy Betta, … with affordable prices.

Coming to Bettasale, you will be advised by the staff specifically about each type of fish and how to take care of it, so you can rest assured.

Price of Betta fish 2021

Betta is a prominent aquarium fish with vibrant colors and unique fins, so the price is also quite high. The price of ornamental Betta fish is from 100,000 to 1,000,000 VND/fish depending on the type. Here are the prices for each species that you can refer to:

  • Red Dragon Betta: 100,000 – 200,000 VND/head
  • Black Dragon Betta: 150,000 – 200,000 VND/head
  • Betta Thai Dumbo: 150,000 – 250,000 VND
  • Crown-tailed dragon Betta: 200,000 – 350,000 VND/head

Note: The above prices are for reference only, prices may change due to time and place of purchase.

Indeed, Betta is not only beautiful but also brings high economic efficiency, so it is chosen by many people. Hopefully with the information that I share above, you can choose for yourself a beautiful and satisfactory Betta aquarium.

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