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Cấu tạo mái thái bao gồm những gì? Ưu nhược điểm của nó

Currently, Thai roof houses are more and more popular with families because they can optimize the functional space very well and bring great aesthetic beauty. Besides, Thai roof architecture is not only suitable for modern house styles but also can be combined with classical and neoclassical architectural styles… What is a Thai roof house?? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a roof house? Together CityA Homes Find the answer in the article below.

What is Thai roof?  Advantages and disadvantages of using Thai roofs
What is Thai roof? Advantages and disadvantages of using Thai roofs

What is a Thai roof house?

Thai roof house is known as a house with low-rise architecture, mainly consisting of 1 floor and 1 ground floor. The main parts to make up a Thai roof such as the roof, materials, windows, roof, and main door all show very typical Thai architecture.

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True to the name Thai roof, this style comes from Thailand and then imported to our country. The outstanding feature to identify this architecture is that the slope is quite large, at first, it was roofed with Thai tile roof. Later, with the development of materials, people created and experimented with many designs such as imitation stone Thai roofs, small wave tiles or large wave tiles… The most popular style is the A-shaped Thai roof style, which has a running roof. out of the body of the house, creating the overall volume of the house.

General characteristics of Thai roof houses

Expressing modernity and luxury

With the special and unique design of this type of Thai roof, it gives your home an unexpected elegance and serenity. This type of house is now more and more preferred by many families to build and design their home. Because it attracts all the sympathetic eyes of any homeowner or any guest visiting the family.

General Features of Rooftop Thai House
General Features of Rooftop Thai House

Very good resistance to heat

This house is uniquely designed and made from high-quality materials, so the house is extremely resistant to heat. The house is extremely suitable for the Vietnamese climate and especially in the hot summer. This is the reason why many people choose this type of house.

Has good waterproof ability

With the characteristic slant roof design, the drainage is very fast, besides, these houses are built by high-quality materials, so they are effectively waterproof. Therefore, the house is very suitable for the humid spring, unpleasant drizzle and the humid tropical monsoon climate of Vietnam.

Has Good Water Resistant
Standard Thai Roofing Steps

Outstanding features of each type of Thai roof house

Thai roof house level 4

The model of a level 4 Thai roof house usually has a structure with a floor area of ​​​​about 1000m2 pouring down and has less than 3 floors. This type of house is often popular in rural areas, because the cost of building this type of house is quite low, but the design is fully functional and suitable for families with moderate income. .

In addition, the time to build a house is very short, fast to complete and does not require high technology, so it is very popular as a choice.

Rooftop house with 2 floors or more

Model of modern high-class Thai roof houses of 2, 3, .. floors will be more suitable for families living in the city and with narrow land area. Because it ensures you will still own an outstanding and luxurious apartment, but it does not occupy too large an area when choosing this type of roof house.

However, with Thai roof houses with 2 to 3 floors, it will require more sophisticated construction techniques and longer construction time, so it will be suitable for families with economic conditions.

Advantages of using Thai roofs in house construction

Functions of Thai roofs

Thai roof has many outstanding features:

  • Possessing a moderate slope, when it rains or falls, it will quickly drain without stagnation on the roof.
  • Heat dissipation is also very good.
  • The non-stagnation at the same time helps the house not to absorb water, seepage, thereby increasing the life of the roof.
Functions of Thai Roofs
Functions of Thai roofs

About aesthetics

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Thai roof with delicate Thai roof structure design cleverly honors the tall, elegant and airy look of the house. With healthy, modern style townhouses, when combined with Thai roof doors, Thai roofs bring a soft, rhythmic beauty and complement each other to create a perfect architectural harmony.

If it is a garden house model in the coastal city, the Thai roof is the special highlight that creates a natural attraction for the house.

About feng shui

Feng shui experts always give very good reviews about the type of roof with a relative slope like that of a Thai roof. According to feng shui, the roof will help homeowners avoid the accumulation of weapons that cause the flow of prosperity in the house. Since then, Thai roofs bring a lot of luck and good fortune to the owner.

Weapons- These toxic gases will follow the circulation of the prosperous air in the house and escape to the outside through the opening of the roof layer. Therefore, the Thai roof design helps to avoid the phenomenon of bad air stagnation in the house. From there, bring luck to the owner and the people living in the family.

About design

Thai roof models will have many diverse designs suitable for many different architectural styles as well as different spaces from level 4 houses, rural houses or townhouses, villas…. Depending on the requirements of the homeowner to create the most suitable design. Various materials meet the diverse needs of customers.

Some disadvantages of Thai roof houses

Despite its many advantages, Thai roof houses also have some basic disadvantages that need to be overcome:

Advantages of Using Thai Roofs in House Construction
Disadvantages of using Thai roofs in house construction
  • The construction time is quite long: because the Thai roof has a beautiful and sophisticated design, the construction is also affected more or less. Therefore, if the homeowner wants to build a house quickly, they should consider working with the contractor and construction to ensure the progress of the work.
  • The cost is quite high: compared to a flat roof, a Thai roof requires more work, so the cost is also quite high.
  • It is very difficult to add more floors: if the family decides not to add any more floors, then they will start choosing a Thai roof. Because if the roof is finished, it is very difficult to go upstairs later. It will take time to demolish the roof before it can be built again.

Steps of standard Thai roof layer

Step 1: Prepare all the necessary materials to make the roof. Note the slope, which is ideally between 30-35 degrees.

Step 2: Determine the sesame distances:

  • First row of sesame: 34.5 cm.
  • Two rows of sesame at the top: 4-6 cm.
  • Sesame bars in the middle: Divide evenly between 32-34 cm and should not exceed 34 cm.

Note that the roof should be flat: The roof needs to be perpendicular to the house and the difference between the slats on a roof plane is small or larger than 5mm.

Step 3: Carry out roofing in the following order:

  1. The main tile layer has the word public first and alternates in the style of saying yin and yang.
  2. Layer from right to left, the first tile 3 cm from the outer edge of the sideboard.
  3. The tiles are pressed together and 10 tiles are used to stretch strings along the roof to ensure that the tiles are aligned.
  4. Use 6cm steel screws to fix the tile to the sesame bar and at least 1 row apart to make sure the tile is secure.

Step 4: Install edge and roof tiles according to the following steps:

  1. 1 edge tile edge must be close to the sideboard or iron box 3 x 6 cm. The other side is fitted close to the main river yang tile. The top on the edge tile is close to the tail of the roof tiles above.
  2. Use 3 x 6 cm box iron with 2 6 m steel screws to fix the edge tile to the sideboard firmly. At the same time, it also ensures that when it rains heavily, it will not be blown or blown.
  3. Install roof tiles with a roofing system instead of mortar or use dry flexible mortar to bond the tiles together.
  4. The lake circuit must be even and about 2.5 cm high from the main tile. When painting, only paint the surface of the lake, cut to blend with the color of the tile. Absolutely do not repaint the tile color because it loses the natural beauty of the tile. Not to mention that not being careful will lose the aesthetic.
  5. Install tiles in a straight line, close together. During the grafting process, you should also be careful to make sure that there are no broken tiles or platforms to prevent the house from being “spilled” every time it rains heavily.
Standard Thai Roofing Steps
Standard Thai Roofing Steps

Notes when roofing tiles with Thai roofs

To increase the aesthetics when building, you also need to note the following points:

  • The slope of the roof must reach 30 degrees, the width is 1m, the rafter must be raised about 0.57m and the slope of the roof must reach 10m.
  • You should tile the row before doing the standard, then proceed to roof from right to left, from bottom to top.
  • In the process of stepping on the tile, you should also be careful so that the tile will not break and ensure your safety.

Attractive Thai roof villas

Neoclassical villa with Thai roof 1 floor 10x13m

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Model of a 1-storey villa with an area of ​​​​130 m2, is a popular home model that many people choose to use because of its simple, cost-effective design but still ensures luxury and full functionality. With a multi-directional sloped roof design with a high slope, it not only feels soft and helps to drain water quickly.

Neoclassical Villa Mai Thai 1 Floor 10x13m
Neoclassical Villa Mai Thai 1 Floor 10x13m

The Thai roof system is made up of thousands of high-quality dark red tiles, ensuring the protection of the space of this villa.

One-storey neoclassical villa with Thai roof

The simplicity of the overall work is reflected in the delicate and reasonable harmonious color combination. It exudes the elegance and novelty of neoclassical style. It has the main white color, the special model helps the project become more luxurious.

New Classical One-storey Villa Mai Thai
New Classical One-storey Villa Mai Thai

3-storey neoclassical villa

The villa brings the graceful beauty of the design. With the lifestyle and authority that this house brings to the owner of the house. It possesses a perfect architectural appearance, a system of parallel pillars, a radiant roof that exalts arrogance.

Neoclassical Villa 3 Floors Facade
Neoclassical Villa 3 Floors Facade

Villa 3 floorsg modern style facade 9m

Modern 3-storey villa architecture with an area of ​​​​180m2 with full functions is arranged scientifically with rooms suitable for the whole area. The most prominent feature of the villa is due to the use of square architectural blocks to create a solid overall.

Modern Style 3-storey Villa with 9m . Front
Modern Style 3-storey Villa with 9m . Front

Neoclassical villa with beautiful garden

The house has the exterior design of the neoclassical style garden villa model combined with the garden space to bring a wonderful atmosphere. This villa is impressive and luxurious. The villa with the colors used in the exterior also brings a unique beauty to this project.

Neoclassical Villa With Beautiful Garden
Neoclassical Villa With Beautiful Garden

The most beautiful models of Thai roof houses in 2021

Model house level 4 with Thai roof 3 bedrooms

This is the model that is most popular today because of its elegance, sophistication and modernity. Sharp lines, impressive. The combination of the leveled roof and the high slope creates a new and elegant beauty.

Thai Roof House Level 4
Thai Roof House Level 4

Model of a house on stilts with Thai roof

This is the hottest model in 2021, with a beautiful design, adding modernity.

Model of Thai Roofed Stilt House
Model of Thai Roofed Stilt House

Modern architecture Thai roof house

Modern Architecture Thai Roof House
Modern Architecture Thai Roof House
Modern Thai Roof Model
Modern Thai Roof Model

Thai roof house 1 ground floor 1 floor

Thai Rooftop House 1 Ground Floor 1 Floor
Thai Rooftop House 1 Ground Floor 1 Floor
Beautiful Thai Rooftop Model 1 Ground Floor 1 Floor
Beautiful Thai Rooftop Model 1 Ground Floor 1 Floor

Model of Thai roof house level 4 with mezzanine

Model of Thai Roofed House Level 4 with Mezzanine
Model of Thai Roofed House Level 4 with Mezzanine

Simple ground floor Thai roof house

Simple Ground Floor Thai Roofed House
Simple Ground Floor Thai Roofed House

The article has just shared to readers information about What is a Thai roof house?? At the same time, it also mentions some advantages and disadvantages of Thai roofs for readers to have an overview. If the owner still has questions about the information related to the Thai roof, please contact us immediately CityA Homes Follow Hotline: 0905 389 389 for accurate and detailed advice!

If you have any questions or need support, you can contact us directly CityA Homes through the following channels:

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