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Cây bồ đề: Tác dụng, ý nghĩa phong thủy, nên trồng cây ở đâu tốt nhất?

Bodhi tree is one of the popular ornamental plants in Vietnam. Bodhi not only brings aesthetic value but also has sacred meaning and feng shui meaning. So do you have a clear understanding of the characteristics, effects or how to grow Bodhi tree? Let’s learn more about the Bodhi tree in the article below!

Introducing the Bodhi tree

Bodhi tree is also known as the tree of enlightenment, the tree and the scientific name is Ficus Religiosa. The tree is a species of the genus Ficus. Origin of Bodhi tree from southwest China, India, Indochina east to Vietnam.

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Plants grow and develop at a rapid rate. At the same time, with its light-loving and easy-to-adapt characteristics, in Vietnam, the tree is grown in all regions.

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Bodhi tree is a large tree, when well cared for, it can reach a large size with a height of more than 30m and a trunk with a diameter of 3m. The trunk has a rough, scaly, brown or gray-brown outer bark and a hard, sturdy inner wood. Bodhi tree is characterized by many branches and branches, and from the main stem grows many long side roots that gradually sink into the ground, the foliage is very wide and dense.

Bodhi leaves are simple, spaced leaves. It has a heart-shaped, pointed and elongated leaf tip. The leaves are pale red when young and will turn darker green as they age. The surface is raised with crow’s feet-shaped veins that give the leaves a distinctive character. The length of the stem is about 6 – 10cm, the width is 4.5cm and the length from the tip of the leaf to the stem is about 2 – 5cm.

It is a semi-seasonal evergreen tree that loses its leaves in the fall, but even if it does, there are always green leaves on the tree.

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Does the bodhi tree have flowers?

Bodhi flowers begin to bloom at the end of January and last until early May. The flowers are unisexual, grow in clusters on the stem and the flowers are quite small in size. The red bodhi flower is very eye-catching and has an oval or elliptical shape.

Bodhi fruit also grows in clusters that stick close to the stem like flowers and are almost stemless. When young, the fruit is green and will turn purple when ripe. Bodhi fruit is spherical with a rather small size, 1.5-2cm in diameter. Around May-June when the flowers fade, the fruit season begins.

Bodhi is famous for what use?

Make decorative bonsai to create landscape, create shade

Surely there are many people who do not know what the Bodhi tree is for. The first use when mentioned of the tree is to decorate the streets, parks, in front of cafes, restaurants, etc. With the feature of wide foliage, the tree will give shade, creating a beautiful atmosphere. comfortable, cool space, especially on hot summer days.

Not only that, the tree is also planted in pots, bent branches, pruned to create bonsai trees to decorate small indoor garden scenes, placed in front of the porch, company campus, restaurants, bars, etc.

Purify the air, protect the environment

Besides being used as a garden decoration, bonsai also contributes to environmental protection. Because Bodhi can regulate and purify the air when absorbing toxic gases, dust and releasing oxygen into the environment. Not only that, trees also help reduce noise effectively. Therefore, trees bring an airy, cool space with a fresh and pleasant atmosphere to us. Therefore, the tree is loved by many people and is widely planted everywhere.

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Trees of economic value

Bodhi tree is quite malleable, so just by cutting and bending, taking care of it, it is very likely that you will create a beautiful and precious bonsai tree, loved by many people. Such trees can be sold, depending on how the tree is, it can be worth several hundred or even a few billion dong.

Bodhi wood has outstanding features such as smooth, even grain, less warping, soft and durable. Because of the good quality of the wood, the tree is planted and exploited for wood, which is used to produce handicrafts, furniture and household items, etc. Along with that, bodhi wood is also a raw material for industry. paper industry, toothpicks, etc.

In addition, the resin of the bodhi tree also has its own application. Thanks to its mild and distinct aroma, the resin is used in the perfumery industry or extracted for aromatic oils. Plastic is also an incense – a famous medicinal flavor.

Medicinal uses

One of the great uses of Bodhi, this is a precious medicinal herb, widely used in herbal remedies, pain relievers, taken to treat many different diseases.

The high antiseptic properties in the composition of the sentence help to cure inflammatory skin diseases such as sores, scabies and increase immunity, reduce pain. At the same time, the plant also contributes to the treatment of respiratory and intestinal diseases such as asthma, diarrhea, diabetes, etc.

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The medicine that is incensed from the resin produces many oral remedies to help ward off evil spirits, lower gas, and tranquilize, so it is often used for those who have been hit by evil spirits or wind.

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Bodhi tree meaning

Origin and legend of the Bodhi tree in Buddhism

According to old Buddhist documents, the Bodhi tree has a sacred meaning and played an important role in the life of Buddha – an Indian prince named Siddhartha Gautama. Shakyamuni Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree meditating and gradually enlightened to the teachings of Buddhism. After realizing the truth, he went and taught Buddhism throughout Asia.

One day, the Indian prince Siddhartha Gautama went out and saw four types of people: an ascetic, a sick person, an old man, and a dead body. They made the prince of India understand and believe that life is a circle of suffering. So then he decided to give up the princely position, give up the luxurious life, become an ascetic, go out, explore the world and learn.

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During that journey, he always fasted and forced himself to practice asceticism. At the same time, he practices meditation to focus his body and thoughts. After 49 days of meditating, Siddhartha Gautama reached the highest final enlightenment and became the Buddha-World-Honored One.

Around 300 BC, a Buddhist monk and nun took a branch of the Bodhi tree extracted from the original tree where Buddha sat in meditation and brought it to Sri Lanka to plant. To this day, that Bodhi tree still exists and grows in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. And this is the most famous and oldest Bodhi tree in the world.

The feng shui meaning of Bodhi

Not only has a sacred meaning in Buddhism, but the Bodhi tree also has auspicious feng shui meanings. Bodhi symbolizes vigilance, an upright and holy way of life. In feng shui, the Bodhi tree means good things. The tree helps to ward off evil spirits, bringing good luck and peace to the owner.

How to propagate bodhi

Bodhi tree is considered to be quite easy to propagate by simple methods from seeds and cuttings. Each method has its own advantages, limitations and caveats. But at present, people often apply mainly clonal cutting method than other methods.

For the cutting method, it is necessary to choose branches that are neither too old nor too young, free from pests. The most suitable are the healthy branches of the cake, if it has flowered, it will be even better.

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If anyone wants to sow seeds, it is necessary to pay attention to choosing standard seeds, which are plump, round and free from pests and diseases, improving survival rates as well as producing better quality seedlings.

How to grow bodhi tree

Bodhi tree likes light, has good cold tolerance and has strong vitality, so it is quite easy to grow. Attention should be paid to choosing a cool garden area with lots of light and little shade to help plants grow and develop well. For example, when growing bodhi trees indoors, they must be placed in a place where there is light, such as near doors and windows.

First, you need to choose the right soil for the plant’s ability to grow. Bodhi adapts and grows well in moist, porous, high-nutrient soil conditions. The most suitable soil for bodhi is farmland.

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Next, it is necessary to prepare the planting hole and choose the pot. The hole needs to be dug with a size of about 50 x 50 x 50cm or just twice the size of the tree. In about 1 month to dry the pit, it is necessary to apply lime, organic fertilizer and all kinds of manure, coconut humus to the hole. Pay attention to clean the grass around the hole.

Finally, you need to remove the cover of the pot and place it in the middle of the prepared planting hole. Fill with soil around the base and lightly compress the tree to keep it straight, the layer of soil is filled up to 2cm higher than the base eye.

After planting, water the tree thoroughly and can use more sticks around to help the tree not topple over in strong winds.

Ways to take care of Bodhi

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Not only is the technique of growing Bodhi tree simple, but the care is also not fussy and does not take too much time. Just keep in mind a few notes in the care to help the Bodhi tree grow and develop best.

The light

Because the plant likes light, the light needs of the Bodhi tree are very important. So it is necessary to ensure the light in the place where the tree is planted by clearing the grass under the base and clearing the surrounding tall branches. This way the plant will not be blocked from all light.


Bodhi has good cold tolerance, but high temperature tolerance is quite limited. The most suitable temperature for the plant to grow is about 15 – 36 degrees Celsius.

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Regularly water at the new planting stage, young plants to keep the soil moist and ensure the growth of plants. However, pay attention not to water too much, which can lead to inadequate drainage, waterlogged plants, root rot, and even death. At this time, it is possible to water regularly every 2 days, flexible in the early morning or evening. Pay special attention to avoid watering plants at noon, especially at high temperatures, to avoid heat shock and green death.

When the tree is mature, limit the amount of watering, just natural rain water every year is enough. But pay attention to the time when the weather conditions are hot, dry or without rain for a long time, it is necessary to promptly add water to the plants to avoid drought and wilting.


Fertilizer should be periodically applied and must depend on each stage of plant growth. For example, in the first 3-5 months, it is advisable to periodically fertilize the plants with green manure. Up to about 6 months – 1 year, NPK fertilizers can be used to help plants grow better.

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Cleaning and pruning branches

Regularly carry out cleaning, killing weeds around the base of the tree so that the tree does not eat up all the nutrients of the soil. At the same time, pruning the damaged, withered or redundant leaves helps the tree to grow faster and have a more beautiful shape.

Prevention of pests and diseases

Bodhi trees usually have less pests and diseases than many other trees. Some pests for Bodhi are leafminers, powdery mildew, stem borers, red spiders, etc. To prevent these pests, you need to take care of the plants according to the above standards.

However, this method is only partially limited, because in fact the tree will still be damaged by pests. Therefore, you can use insecticides such as regent to kill stem borers, spray Anvil, Score, Topsin M … to prevent powdery mildew disease, etc. In addition, the plant can also suffer from yellow leaf disease, when you need it. Pay attention to check the amount of water, temperature, light and nutrition to see if it is appropriate.

At the same time, you need to regularly observe, take care, timely detect and understand the condition of the tree to take effective preventive measures.

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What is the selling price of the Bodhi tree?

Bodhi tree is very popular in Vietnam. The price of the bodhi tree varies depending on the size, age and shape of the tree. Regarding the seed price, it usually fluctuates at 20,000 – 25,000 VND. For ordinary Bodhi trees, small in size, not so excellent in shape, the price will range from 200,000 VND/tree or more.

However, there are extremely beautiful and rare trees, the price of the tree will be quite high, often bonsai connoisseurs will look for these trees. And the price of rare bodhi trees can be several million dong, several hundred million dong or even up to several billion dong depending on the level. The prices I offer are for reference only, because they are not fixed but change based on many factors.

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Regarding the place to sell bodhi tree, we can now easily buy the tree in nurseries or available tree stores at a reasonable price. If you want to find rare bodhi trees, you need to consult a lot from experienced tree players or popular bonsai groups.

The above includes all useful knowledge related to Bodhi, helping you to choose the right tree model for you.

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