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Porcelain flower is a popular ornamental plant in Vietnam in recent times. Porcelain flowers are bred into many varieties, which are distinguished mainly by color and some specific characteristics. So to learn more about this porcelain flower, please refer to the article below!

Introducing porcelain flowers

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Porcelain flower, also known by another name, is porcelain flower, a tree belonging to the family Apocynaceae. The origin of the tree is from Mexico, Venezuela, and Central America. Later, porcelain flowers were introduced to many other tropical and subtropical regions of the world and became increasingly popular.

Characteristics of porcelain flowers

Common characteristics of porcelain varieties are shrubs, evergreens with stout, succulent stems. The tree has a large, swollen root and root system. The leaves are elongated, the tip is slightly rounded and the edges are smooth. Leaves are glossy green or gray-green, concentrated mainly at the tips of the branches. Trees often lose their leaves early, especially in the cold season.

When the leaves have almost fallen, from spring to summer, porcelain flowers will bloom. Original porcelain flowers usually have five thin petals forming a funnel. And only the primary colors are white, pink or red. Today, porcelain flowers are bred into many different types, so they have the new feature of more double petals and more colorful colors.

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This is a plant that likes sun and dry weather conditions, does not like cold or wet conditions. Therefore, the tree is suitable for planting in the South of Vietnam instead of in the North. In the bonsai world, this is considered one of the precious ornamental plants, quite expensive, so it is often a hobby of the richer.

Are porcelain flowers poisonous?

Most parts of the plant contain toxins, especially the sap. Porcelain flower resin is quite toxic, harmful to humans, if sticky and skin can cause skin congestion. If accidentally ingested, can be poisoned.

As recommended, if you grow plants indoors, you should avoid letting children come into contact with porcelain flowers to reduce the risk of getting plastic on their hands. In addition, you should not prune branches, leaves, flowers and any other parts of the tree.

Although the plant is poisonous, it is an ingredient in some drugs, it should be noted that if the drug is prepared with a high dose of porcelain flower, when ingested, it will be poisoned.

Types of porcelain flowers

Porcelain plants, when introduced into Vietnam, were bred to be easier to adapt to the hot and humid climate here as well as grow and develop well, the tree has a longer lifespan and flowers bloom more, more beautiful. than. That’s why you will rarely find original porcelain on the market, but mainly hybrid porcelain, even F1 hybrids are not easy to find. These hybrids are usually double-winged porcelain, originating in Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia.

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In this article, I will introduce the two most basic types of original porcelain, which are white porcelain flowers and red porcelain flowers.

  • White porcelain plant: Also known as Dai flower, white porcelain flower, porcelain flower, etc. In terms of characteristics, there is nothing too different from other flowers. This is a woody tree, the trunk is quite large and the average height is about 2-3m. Dark green, smooth leaves. Called white porcelain flower plant because the flowers are pure white, with a little bit of dark yellow in the middle of the flower to make it stand out.
  • Red porcelain tree: Also known as Thai red porcelain or desert porcelain, has the same stem as other tree species but has narrower foliage. The average height of desert porcelain is from 1 to 1.3m.

In addition, there are many different types of porcelain flowers after being bred, such as jellyfish (pearl porcelain tree), fairy butterfly porcelain, auspicious porcelain, royal locust porcelain, ambassador…

Meaning of porcelain flowers

Meaning of trees by culture

Porcelain flowers are ornamental plants that bring auspicious meanings. Originating from many places, but in each different culture, porcelain flowers contain different specific meanings.

According to Mexican culture, which is the homeland of porcelain flowers, the tree is associated with spiritual elements, meaning the birth of gods. Not only that, the tree also symbolizes the youthful and seductive beauty of women. In addition, when porcelain flowers bloom, it is also the arrival of spring, signaling the proliferation and full of life.

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According to Hawaiian culture, porcelain flowers have symbolic meanings of positivity. In special festive occasions, porcelain flowers are often linked into necklaces or headgear like a piece of jewelry. According to Hawaiian custom, a woman often shows her marital status by wearing porcelain flowers in her ears. If worn on the left ear, they are married, while on the right ear, they are single.

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According to Buddhist culture, porcelain flowers symbolize a new life full of vitality and good things. Porcelain flower trees are associated with Buddha’s door, containing many noble human philosophies, so we often see porcelain flowers planted in pagodas, monasteries and Dharma temples.

According to Hindu culture, porcelain flowers are a symbol of Hindu culture, with symbolic meaning of dedication attached to artists and their artwork. According to custom, Hindus will also often wear wreaths on their heads on every wedding occasion.

The feng shui meaning of each tree

Not only according to the culture of each region, but each type of tree in feng shui also has different meanings.

The meaning of white porcelain flowers symbolizes simple and pure love. And symbolizes new beginnings full of success and success. So the tree is often planted to bring luck to the owner.

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The meaning of red porcelain flowers is to help homeowners have more and more convenient jobs, a happy life that brings happiness and prosperity. Porcelain plants are displayed on New Year’s Day with the hope of a new year full of joy and luck. It is also believed that the more flowers bloom, the more it helps the owner to prosper and prosper.

So, porcelain flowers are suitable for what destiny, what age? Most types of porcelain flowers will suit the people of the Earth destiny. A few cultivars with purple flowers are suitable for the Fire par. And most of the ages can play this ornamental plant.

Uses of porcelain flowers

Making ornamental plants

Bonsai are very popular and can be grown in many different locations and spaces. Porcelain flowers can be planted in pots to decorate the company lobby, or in front of the office door for decoration.

So, is it good to plant a porcelain tree in front of the house? It has a good feng shui meaning, so you can put a beautiful porcelain flower pot in front of the house, on the balcony or in the living room. This will help make your home space more prominent and full of gentle floral scents, both homeowners and guests will feel comfortable. If placing the tree in front of the house, pay attention not to place it in the middle of the path or in the West or Southwest direction to avoid encountering bad omens.

In addition to being planted in a pot, the tree is also grown in combination with a rockery, many other ornamental plants and flowers to create a highlight for the surrounding living space.

In addition, porcelain flowers are malleable plants, so they are often planted in pots to form a bonsai, which not only has aesthetic value but also brings great economic benefits.

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Plants with medicinal uses

Although the porcelain plant contains poison, if used in small doses to make medicine, it can cure some diseases. For example, digitalis in the plant can treat cardiovascular diseases such as arrhythmia, congestive heart failure.

The roots contain ethanol that can help inhibit the growth of Bacillus subtilis. Porcelain flower roots are used to treat skin diseases, dermatological diseases and kill lice and lice. In addition, the root is also used to make medicine for rhinitis.

The bark and stem are extracted into effective insecticides because of their high toxicity.

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Latex can be used as a medicine to treat tooth decay or septic wounds.

Porcelain plants also have effects on animals as the wood pulp from the trunk can help kill parasites living in the skin of livestock.

If a pregnant woman accidentally eats it, she may have a miscarriage. Therefore, this plant is also used to make an effective abortion pill.

How to grow porcelain plants

Techniques of propagating ornamental flowers

Currently, people often propagate porcelain plants by two quite simple methods, that is, how to sow seeds and how to cut porcelain flowers.

If sowing seeds, you must choose fresh seeds, pollinated from a healthy, pest-free mother plant. In order for the seeds to germinate quickly, they need to be sown in warm water.

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However, the most common method is cutting and grafting. This method will quickly help you propagate many types of hybrid porcelain with preeminent characteristics, blooming and colorful flowers. Another reason is that the growth and development of porcelain flowers is quite slow, many plants take a few years to flower, so if sowing seeds, the care will be more difficult.

Technique of growing porcelain flowers

Prepare potted plants

Before planting porcelain flowers, you need to choose a suitable pot, be it an unglazed pot or a cement pot, a grinding stone with good drainage. Do not choose plastic pots, fragile looking pots because they will lose the aesthetic value of the tree. If possible, add a pot holder to help easily drain water to avoid waterlogging, and at the same time increase the elegance of the tree.

Prepare the land

Because it is very intolerant of moisture, the soil suitable for porcelain flowers must have enough nutrients, a pH of about 6 is moderate and good drainage. You can mix the soil mixture including Perlite rock, rice husk ash, coir, vermicompost and nutrients for plants.

Caring for porcelain plants

When caring for porcelain plants, it is necessary to pay attention to the factors of natural conditions so that the tree can live longer, flower more, be more beautiful and durable. For example, the plant likes drought, needs a lot of light and is not afraid of strong sunlight, moreover, the more sunlight, the more beautiful the flowers will bloom. The plant does not like moisture, so it doesn’t need a lot of water, but it shouldn’t let the soil dry out for too long. The plant does not tolerate cold, so it needs to be covered with straw to keep it warm in winter.

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After a period of development, it is necessary to repot the plant so that the tree grows faster and lives longer. The time of repotting should be in the dry season and the soil in the pot should be noted. Gently lift the root ball out of the pot, then prune the rotten roots, long roots, and use fungicides and antibacterial agents to treat the cuts. Then place the plant in a new pot and level the soil. It is recommended to wait a week after the plant has dried before watering to avoid root rot.

In order for the tree to have a beautiful shape, it must be pruned. The most ideal time to prune is around October – November of the lunar calendar, so avoid the rainy season so that the tree does not get waterlogged.

Address, selling price of porcelain flowers

Porcelain is a precious ornamental plant with a high selling price, so it is mainly the rich who play this plant. However, there are still many people who love the tree, so the tree is grown very popularly and is present in many families. If you wonder about the address to sell Thai porcelain in particular, and all kinds of porcelain in general, the answer is that currently on the market there are many bonsai shops available, nurseries all sell this plant.

Not only that, porcelain plants are also sold on social networking sites, websites, e-commerce sites … When buying online, you or other customers will receive free advice and specific instructions for Intention to buy plants and how to plant, take care of flowering plants effectively, then quote the exact price of porcelain flowers. So whether you are in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh or any other province can easily buy trees.

The price of Thai porcelain or any other kind of porcelain is also quite high, with the lowest price from a few hundred thousand to several million dong. For rare and perennial porcelain, which is trimmed to create beautiful scenery and good feng shui, the price of up to several tens of millions of dong is not unusual. Before buying a tree, you should consult the prices in many places or join reputable tree playing groups to survey.

Above is all the information about the porcelain flower tree, hope this knowledge can help you to choose the tree!

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