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Gỗ HDF là gì? Ưu nhược điểm và giá gỗ HDF mới nhất 2020

HDF wood is an industrial wood with natural wood composition accounting for more than 85%, the remaining materials are additives to enhance the adhesive and certain elasticity. If you are in need of buying furniture such as wooden cabinets, tables, and beds with appropriate and cost-effective criteria, then HDF wood is considered the right choice. Let’s refer What is HDF wood? and some useful information through the article below!

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What is HDF wood?

HDF wood, also known as plywood, is a type of wood Wood Industry Most of the materials are made from natural wood fibers and are bonded with additives. The characteristic color is dark yellow with a relatively smooth wooden surface with good sound and heat insulation. The name HDF stands for High Density Fiberboard (meaning high density fiber wood). This is also considered as the wood with the largest percentage of natural wood among industrial woods, which is environmentally friendly.

In which the production process HDF . industrial wood undergoes many meticulous stages to produce a finished product that is suitable for the needs of use including: Using natural wood with a short growth period and boiling at high temperature in the range from 2000 degrees Celsius After that, the wood will be dried and using modern technology to remove the plastic. Next is the stage of increasing adhesion and gravity resistance with accompanying additives, additives are also one of the indispensable materials of HDF wood. Depending on the specific requirements of the thickness, HDF wood is made to design different wooden shelves. The final step is also an important step to create the right form for the wood is to treat the surface by coating with a layer of melamine Resin combined with glass fiber to create a transparent coating.

How many types of HDF wood are there? On the market today, HDF wood has 2 popular types: super moisture resistant HDF wood and super moisture resistant HDF Black wood. The general advantage is outstanding moisture resistance so you can use it to build wooden furniture or suitable furniture indoors and outdoors.

Compare HDF wood with some other industrial woods

Belongs to the group of industrial wood together with MDF and MFC. In which you can refer to some basic differences through the comparison table below to see the difference between other types of industrial wood with What is HDF laminate? These distinguish types of industrial wood MDF MFC HDF This will make it easier for you to choose.

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Compare HDF and MDF wood:

Wood HDF MDF wooden
+ Raw materials are natural wood components accounting for up to 85% with additives to increase

enhanced adhesion.

+ Has high applicability in the construction of indoor and outdoor furniture thanks to its resistance to

superior moisture.

+ Smooth wooden surface, can be easily felt when touching the surface or with the naked eye.

+ MDF has a structure and raw materials mainly from wood pulp, wood chips, wood chips and branches, using glue and chemicals.

chemical in raw materials, is the type of wood that is not really environmentally friendly.

+ MDF is also resistant to moisture, but is more suitable for making furniture in the home, school, or office.

+ The wood surface is flat but not as smooth as HDF laminate.

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Compare HDF and MFC wood:

Wood HDF Wood MFC
+ Made of 85% natural wood and the rest are additives + HDF wood has good moisture resistance.

+ MFC wood also has certain applications in school spaces such as making wooden boards

+ Thickness of wood depends on construction requirements

+ Green core HDF wood, smooth, smooth inside, flat surface.

+ Common applications include construction of indoor and outdoor wooden furniture.

+ MFC wood is composed of chipboard core covered with a layer of melamine like a layer of decorative paper,

Wood materials are made up of forest trees with short growth time.

+ MFC wood is usually not resistant to moisture

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+ Green core, rougher rough surface.

+ MFC wood has more common applications in indoor spaces.

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Based on comparison table MDF and HDFthe above MFC will help you make more appropriate and specific choices when buying furniture or constructing the interior of your home and office space and compare the difference between MDF and HDF.

Advantages and disadvantages of HDF wood:

HDF wood also possesses certain advantages and disadvantages, although it is not a rare natural wood or an expensive line on the market today, it is also considered an option to meet most needs. Use furniture in the modern rhythm of life.

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Advantages of HDF wood:

Good moisture resistance

This is one of the industrial wood lines with good moisture resistance, both HDF wood types on the market today include super moisture resistant HDF and super moisture resistant HDF Black wood both perform this function well. Thanks to its good moisture resistance, this type of wood has high application in wood construction in indoor and outdoor spaces. Besides, it is suitable for making wooden furniture in humid spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms or terraces. The moisture-resistant feature of this wood is also considered to be very suitable for hot and humid weather conditions like in Vietnam. Especially in the application of making HDF industrial wooden doors, wooden toilet doors, if you do not know what the advantages of HDF wooden doors are or the advantages of other types What is HDF Veneer wood door? Please refer to it for more information!

Scratch resistance

Belonging to the advantages in manufacturing technology, this type of wood overcomes the common disadvantages of some natural wood lines, which is its ability to resist scratches, thereby increasing the durability of the product. Also thanks to this anti-scratch advantage, they have high applicability when making tables and chairs at school or working HDF board office furniture tables and chairs. Usually HDF wood is also coated with a glossy finish for optimum scratch resistance.

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Good sound insulation

The wood surface is not as thick as MFC industrial wood, but HDF wood possesses the highly appreciated advantage of good sound and heat insulation. Therefore, they are highly applicable in flooring, partitions or increasing soundproofing for karaoke rooms, cinemas or in hotels or classrooms, homes or offices. Along with sound insulation is good heat insulation, so it is suitable for use as windows in the form of HDF tấm sheet.

Large load capacity

Another advantage of this wood line is its high hardness, which enhances the ability to bear large loads, which enhances a certain durability for this wood. This is also somewhat helpful in the process of moving or making a rack or shelf. Some houses with a modest area can refer to the types of shelves or vanity attached to the wall with HDF industrial wood material, which both saves space and maximizes bearing capacity when hanging on the wall.

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Good screwing ability

Thanks to its hardness and good gravity resistance, this wood is also enhanced with the ability to screw, so it is suitable for making wall shelves, wall cabinets, school chalkboards… You can completely rest assured about the screwing ability of this industrial wood.

Smooth wooden surface with high aesthetics

With the characteristics of this wood, it is quite smooth, so it brings high aesthetics, and the flat and smooth surface will make it easier to paint or press decorative surfaces on top such as glossy coatings. or melamine, laminate, veneer (HDF Veneer wood door)… Smooth HDF wood surface is also one of the great advantages for easy shaping as desired.

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Friendly to health and environment

Possessing materials and construction from 85% natural wood, the remaining ingredients are additives, so this is a safe and environmentally friendly wood as well as the health of the user. Does not cause unpleasant odors like some other types of processed wood and uses many other chemicals.

Low price

Compared with some other high-end wood lines such as ironwood or red oak, incense wood, the durability and naturalness are not equal, but HDF wood possesses many advantages in daily use needs. Therefore, it is considered an economic solution if you want to choose cost-effective furniture with many necessary features.

Has high applicability in daily life

Thanks to its highly appreciated advantages including great bearing capacity, good screwing ability, sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture resistance and high aesthetics, this is a very trusted industrial wood used in modern spaces. grand. You can easily come across HDF woods anywhere such as at homes, schools, offices, hospitals…

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Disadvantages of HDF wood

Besides the obvious advantages, HDF wood also has some obvious disadvantages during use. However, you can also partly overcome it by taking care in preserving it to suit the nature of this industrial wood.

Only fixed construction in flat form

With the HDF series of industrial wood, you will not be able to choose to build by shaping, bending or installing in panel form because the nature of this wood is flat, smooth, difficult to be smooth, soft and shaped. meticulous as desired. In addition to flat construction, it is suitable for construction when combined with braces. Therefore, the desired shaping with HDF wood is also somewhat more limited.

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Hard to distinguish with the naked eye

You will easily confuse HDF wood with some other types of industrial wood because they have a difficult to distinguish appearance with the naked eye, the color is not fixed but relatively diverse. Therefore, when buying, you need to pay attention to avoid being sold by less reputable establishments selling low-quality industrial wood or substandard HDF wood!

The highest price in industrial woods

Compared with other rare and precious natural woods, of course, the price of HDF is considered to be more affordable and economical, but compared to some other industrial wood lines it is higher. If you have a need to choose to buy furniture in the industrial wood segment, you can consider it!

Quotation of HDF wood

HDF wood is also divided in price according to different standards, of which the common standards are E1 and E2. Currently, the E1 standard is considered to be of better quality, in addition, the size of each standard also has certain differences. In which the prices are for reference only and to have a specific quote depends largely on the thickness of the wood as well as the price difference more or less between suppliers. If you are in need of choosing furniture with suitable prices from HDF wood, you can refer to the prices of each standard type below:

Go Hdf 800x531

Price of HDF wood according to E1 standard (according to standard size):

1,220 X 2,440 X 17 = VND 575,000

For some types of HDF Black wood, the super moisture-resistant line is black with great compressive strength and does not need to be glued to the edge like other common woods.

1,220 X 2,440 X 12 = 640,000 VND

1,220 X 2,440 X 18 = 950,000 VND

1,830 X 2,440 X 12 = 985,000 VND

1,830 X 2,440 X 18 = 1,360,000 VND.

For HDF wood according to E2 standard (standard size):

1,220 X 2,440 X 2.5 = 100,000 VND

1,220 X 2,440 X 9.0 = 285,000 VND

Besides, with some types of HDF wood according to construction requirements and reinforced with other features, there will be different additional prices. Some HDF laminate door quotes will depend on the thickness of the construction requirements. Comparing the price of HDF and MDF, MFC, the price of HDF is higher. Some types of wood from different units popular on the market today such as HDF An Cuong wood, HDF Duc Phat wood or An Cuong green core HDF wood will also have different prices. You can refer to some other reputable addresses selling HDF wooden door furniture in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City for more detailed information.

HDF wood is a popular industrial wood on the market today thanks to its advantages and outstanding features. You can refer to the product line to choose for yourself the most suitable product line!

Note: Rates at the time of writing are subject to change.

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