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Người Giàu Thường Bố Trí Cây Xanh Trong Nhà Như Thế Nào?

Decorate indoor plants is the trend of most modern families in big cities. Trees bring many benefits that society as well as science have recognized such as: Beautifying, increasing the aesthetic value of space, supporting air purification and improving human health. Not only that, if the tree is selected and the location is suitable with feng shui, the tree can bring a lot of luck, money and prosperity to the owner.

It is also for the same reason that the rich pay attention to the type of tree and the location of the tree when decorating indoor plants. Today, tree company we will disclose the criteria when choosing trees and How to keep indoor plants used by the rich.

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1. Guide to choosing indoor plants

1. Choose a tree with the right shape, size, color and number of trees for the space

With the main purpose of decorating and beautifying the space, the indoor ornamental plants chosen need to be suitable for the space in terms of size, shape and color. If the size is too large, the canopy is too large, the space will become cramped and unbalanced. On the contrary, if the size is too small, the tree will be lost, lost, not prominent enough in space, losing its main function of beauty. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right size tree.

Besides, when choosing indoor plants, the color and shape of the tree is also very important. It is necessary to choose plants with colors and shapes that are in harmony with the space and the objects in the space. With that, the new overall space is beautiful and harmonious into one, bringing the best results.

singapore eagle tree

Note, it is necessary to avoid trees with thorns, pointed leaves, small, long branches. Plants with thorns will create a stream of toxic energy that can cause illness or misfortune if placed in the house. On the contrary, if placed outside the house, they will play a very good protective role. The trees with pointed leaves and long branches will easily attract bad energy to enter the house, causing conflict and discord among family members. On the other hand, trees with long luxuriant branches also create conditions for dust and bacteria to multiply, which is not good for health.

Grow beautiful indoor plants with plump, round shapes and bright colors. Thus, your family will always have harmony, fulfillment and luck always to all members.

In addition, the number of houseplants is also extremely important. If you plant too many trees in one space, they will limit the amount of light that the plants can absorb, thereby reducing yang qi, causing negative effects on the luck of the grower. At the same time, the house contains too many plants, when the plants breathe at night, they can release carbon dioxide, making the room more stuffy. Therefore, it is necessary to plant with an appropriate number of trees.

2. Choose plants with good feng shui meaning and easy to care for:

When choosing green plants to decorate the house, everyone wants to bring benefits including in terms of feng shui meaning. Wishing to bring good things to our lives and those of our family members. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the plants with good feng shui meaning that we want:

  • Trees bring luck: money tree, ten thousand fortune, honeysuckle, orchid, richness…
  • The tree brings health and wards off evil spirits and demons: growth, magnolia, tiger tongue, small brooch…
  • Trees bring fortune and luxury: Japanese palm, Japanese bamboo, prince white horse…
  • The tree represents freshness and vitality: anthurium, persimmon, pink peacock tail, marble betel nut…
  • ….

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Absolutely stay away from plants containing yin gas such as Cat Dang or Quyet. If you plant these plants in your home, the atmosphere will always be heavy, murky and greatly affect feng shui.

If you are a busy person, Choosing plants with good vitality, easy to take care of so as not to spend too much time taking care of them is also an important thing. You can apply these Tips for taking care of indoor plants simple to not spend too much time and still get a beautiful space close to nature.

money tree

3. Choose a tree that is suitable for destiny and feng shui:

The arrangement of plants in accordance with feng shui can bring luck, money and prosperity. This is a factor that is extremely important to the rich when choosing indoor plants. Those must be the trees that bring fortune and success to the owner and especially are in line with destiny so that life becomes more and more satisfying, luck always smiles.

tiger tongue tree

  • Man of Fire Which tree is suitable? Fire parable with trees has the colors of the element: earth, wood and earth. Represented by 3 colors: red, green and yellow. You should choose plants with the above colors and consider the appropriate placement to bring luck and money.

For example: Trees with red leaves such as: Phu Quy, Hong Mon, Red bud, Bao Thanh Thien, Poinsettia, Red Emperor Betel nut, Peacock tail tree, Red areca tree, …

  • What tree is the person destined for? Similar to the fire par, the earth man is compatible with the colored plants of the element: earth, fire, metal. People belonging to the earth destiny should choose plants with the same color as the colors representing these 3 elements: yellow, brown, red, pink, orange, purple, …

The trees with yellow color are: Tiger tongue, Prosperity, Iron magnolia, Golden betel nut, Golden imperial betel nut, juniper bamboo, Splendor tree, Yellow areca tree, Japanese areca tree, Striped fortune tree, Tongue tree cat.

  • Who is destined for what tree? Similarly, people are associated with plants with colors belonging to the metal element and the earth element. People belonging to the par Kim should choose bonsai with the same color as the colors representing these two elements: yellow, brown, and white. The trees have white color such as: Ngoc Ngan, Lan Y, Ngan Hau tree, Bach Ma Prince tree, Trau Ba Sua, …

  • What plants are people destined for? Similarly, people with water destiny are associated with plants with colors belonging to 3 elements: water, metal and wood element. People of destiny should choose bonsai with the same color as the colors representing these 3 elements: black, blue, white, green. For example, trees with white color such as: Betel nut milk, orchid, silver queen, white horse prince, jade silver.
  • What tree is suitable for people with wood? Similarly, people with the Wood element are compatible with plants with colors belonging to the fire element and the wood element. People who belong to the par wood should choose bonsai with the same color as the colors representing these two elements: red, pink and green.​

The trees with green color include: Kim Tien, Dai rich, Bang Bang singapore, Betel nut of youth, Truc Nhat, Cau hawai, Betel nut climbing pole, Kim Ngan, Thanh Tam, Palm ta, gerbera grass, Honey, mountain wealth, green five family envelopes, green Thai betel nut.

2. How to arrange indoor plants:

1. Arrange the tree in the following direction:

In feng shui, the Wood element of trees is located in the East and this is also the direction to receive the gentle morning sun, the direction of life. Therefore, it is advisable to place the tree in the East or Southeast direction of the house to help the tree grow well and attract fortune.

The South direction belongs to the Fire element, which is not suitable for placing trees, but if you leave a few trees with strong energy such as Thiet Mulan, Dai Phu Gia, Tongue Tiger, … these trees will block bad luck and not give energy. bad in the house. Avoid placing trees in the North, West because the trees are easy to die, not good for the homeowner.

Arrange indoor plants

2. Planting locations:

The angular places of the house, protrusions, columns, … are not good in terms of feng shui in living space. You can place a few pots of round foliage to help cover up negative energy, spread auspicious throughout the room and help the room become softer..

How to keep indoor plants

The most important in the arrangement of indoor plants is absolutely not to put trees blocking the path, especially the main door. The tree placed at the main door blocking the path will hinder the life and the fortune as well as the luck in life. At the same time, avoid placing plants under air-conditioners or under stairs, basements, etc., where there are too many negative and humid air that can easily kill plants or create a favorable environment for insects to live.

3. Arrange plants for each room:

1 living room:

The living room is the common living space of the whole family, the first place, the facade of the house; Moreover, this is also the main location of attracting wealth for the house. Therefore, planting trees in the living room is very important. It helps to purify the air, creating a fresh, pleasant atmosphere. The best way is to choose to plant plants that have good feng shui meanings or are suitable for homeowners right in the living room.

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In terms of location, it is best to place the plant in the corner of the room, on a table, a shelf or a TV shelf, do not place the tree in the aisle or under the air conditioner because the tree that lives under the airflow of the air conditioner is easy to wither leaves. Avoid placing trees in the North, Southwest and Northeast directions to bring fortune to the whole family.

Arrange bonsai in the living room

2. Kitchen:

The kitchen is a place where the temperature in the kitchen is quite high, and there is a lot of grease and food. Therefore, it is advisable to plant plants that are easy to live, can withstand heat, purify odors and have a pleasant scent such as rosemary, maple tree, lavender that have the effect of freshening the kitchen atmosphere.

In terms of location, you can place the plant on a kitchen counter, sink, refrigerator, dining table or a kitchen corner to help protect the health of your family.
Note that if the kitchen is located in the East, you should abstain from planting ornamental plants.

lavender flowers

3. Bathroom:

The bathroom is usually a rather small space in the house. Therefore, large and luxuriant trees are not suitable for this area because they easily create an environment for bacteria and mosquitoes to breed. For the bathroom, simply place a few small potted plants or vases to evoke a fresh nuance.

Besides, it is necessary to combine with the five elements, the supply, par, the age of the owner and the geographical location of the house to give the most optimal solution. The plants that many people grow in the bathroom are: Tongue tree, Aloe vera, Orchid, Phalaenopsis orchid, Spider plant, … because they help absorb toxic gas, deodorize the bathroom and also Compact, beautiful, bringing a certain sophistication to this space.

spider plant

4. Classrooms, working rooms:

The office, the reading room, the classroom in the house is very important to many people. For the same reason, this is the space that the rich pay attention to first because it is indirectly related to money and career.

However, do not place too many trees in this area. It is best to choose small ornamental plants such as bonsai or fortune tree. If the space is large enough and has a lot of natural light, it is possible to plant bonsai trees and small rockeries or even an aquarium with aquatic plants to create a fake scene in the room, helping to balance the state of peace and tranquility. Peace of mind when studying and working here.
Flowers are also a popular choice as it will help make the room less boring and heavy. However, do not choose flowers that are too colorful or fragrant to avoid distracting.

office tree decoration

5. Bedroom:

If your bedroom is air-conditioned, and it is a closed room, you should not plant bonsai in this room. Because trees will emit carbon dioxide at night, leading to a lack of oxygen supply for us if in a tight, closed space.

If you want to grow plants in the bedroom, it is best to choose small table plants that do not need frequent watering or simply ornamental flowers to make the room more vibrant as long as it is your sleeping space. wide enough, airy, not too tight.

In particular, if you have Fire or Wood par, it will be more convenient to plant a big tree in the bedroom than those with Thuy and Tho par. Because of the yin attribute, the bedroom should not be placed with large, rough and dark trees – easily affecting people’s physical and mental health. The recommended plants in this area are ornamental plants that absorb toxic gases such as tiger tongue, aloe vera, five houseplants…

aloe vera plant

Above are Hata’s shares on how to arrange indoor bonsai that many people apply. Hope can help you decorate your own beautiful home. If you have any questions or want advice on decorating bonsai, do not hesitate to give us a call.


Hata Tree Company specializes in providing the service landscape design and landscape construction professional. As a green tree distributor trusted and chosen by many people in Vietnam.

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